Board of Directors / Governance

Central Carleton Nursing home is governed by a 10-15-member volunteer Board of Directors.  The Board is compromised of local volunteers from Hartland and the surrounding communities.  The Board of Directors is legally and morally responsible for the governance of the home and the services it provides.  The major responsibility of the Board is to ensure that adequate and proper care is being delivered in a quality manner, consistent with the needs of those being served.

2023-2024 Board of Directors:

Lillian Warne, Chairperson
Cathy Brown, Vice-Chairperson
Don Dickinson, Treasurer
Carolyn Swim, Secretary
Gary Everett, Director
Vanessa Dickinson, Director
Tracey Demerchant, Director
April Haines, Director
Tina McLellan, Director
Nathan Peck, Director
Wayne Long, Director